Notary Services Pricing

This page outlines the approximate costs of the services that we offer.
Please be aware that we do NOT normally prepare documents for use abroad, this is done by the foreign lawyer, our job is to notarise them.
IMPORTANT please see the note below about certified copies of official documents.

To obtain an exact quotation or to arrange an appointment, please contact us.

How much does it cost for Notarisation?

The cost will depend on a number of factors including:

Our normal minimum fee is 150 for private work and 250 for corporate work. However simple confirmations of life for foreign pension purposes are typically 90 for the first year and from 30 annually depending on the exact requirements.

Our fees are based on an hourly rate of 300 although a surcharge of up to 100% may be applied for urgent or out of office hours work. When assessing the time charged we take into account the original enquiry, calls and emails, time it takes to undertake ID checks and review documentation as well as the actual time it takes to see you, sign everything and keep the required copies and records. This generally totals a minimum of 30 minutes hence the mimimum charge of 150.

We will normally ask you to send us copies of the documents that need to be notarised and your ID in advance. We will then aim to give you a fixed price for the work based on the information supplied. If accepted we shall initially do an online check of your ID for compliance purposes in case further ID verification is needed.


We are happy to obtain Foreign Office Apostilles for you if you wish. Our handling fee is 25 plus the FCDO fee and courier fee (50 per document as at January 2024). Equally you can obtain this direct if you prefer. The FCDO service can take from a week to over a month depending on how busy they are. If you want to use a faster service then we can arrange this with my London agent but their charge will be an extra 20 or so per document but should be received back in three days.

Some countries who are not in the Hague Convention (e.g.China or the GCC countries like UAE) may also require a stamp from their embassy or consulate in addition to the Apostille. Again we can arrange this through an agent who will get both the Apostille and embassy stamp but prices vary enormously depending on which country and what type of document. We can however get you a quotation very quickly if you require this service.

Certifying Official Documents

Where an official document needs to be a certified copy we will usually insist on obtaining that copy OURSELVES from the relevant authority or checking the validity with the issuer. This is because the receiving party is relying on us to have verified that the document is genuine. We can only do this by either obtaining an official copy ourselves or contacting the issuing body.
Typically this includes birth, marriage and death certificates and Grants of Probate.
Birth, marriage and death certificates are all Crown Copyright and we therefore cannot use a photocopy, especially if it requires ans Apostille from the Foreign Office as they will certainly reject it.
Degree certificates and professional qualifications will require checking with the issuing body.
For passports and driving licences these can be checked using an online service and by UV scanner.
For companies we shall obtain Certificates of Good Standing or incorporation documents direct from Companies House ourselves.

Please visit the contact page to obtain a quotation.

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