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BEFORE YOU CONTACT US check that you really need a Notary to witness your document. If your document is for use inside England & Wales then you DO NOT need a Notary. It is also unlikely that you will need one for Scotland or Northern Ireland. All solicitors and fully qualified legal executives are Commissioners for Oaths and can swear/witness affidavits, statutory declarations and similar for use in the UK. Whilst a Notary can do this work their charges will be much higher because of the various checks and record-keeping that they are required to do. You only need a Notary if the document is going outside the UK. Even then many English speaking countries often accept a solicitor's signature in place of a Notary, even if the form does not actually say so. It is best to check first.

If you are sure that a Notary is necessary then we shall be pleased to help if we can. Please note however that we both work full-time as private client lawyers and our availability to offer notarial services is limited so we may not to be able to meet your timeframe. Please contact Richard to arrange an appointment with one of us or to obtain a quotation. Please let us have as much information as possible including a copy of the document(s) that you need notarising and any instructions that you have received from abroad about what is required.

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